About Me

Valerie Whetstone

Valerie Whetstone is known as, “Silicon Valley’s Top Life and Wellness Coach”. She is an inspirational speaker, and Best Selling Co-Author of Short, Sweet, and Sacred. She works with individuals and organizations to create richer more fulfilling lives. Valerie is passionate about what she does and enjoys connecting with others at a heartfelt level. She truly loves engaging with people and hearing their story. Valerie’s coaching approach involves sharing with her clients the principles, tools, and strategies to help discover insights, shift their mindset and take steps towards achieving their goals.  

As a certified Dream Builder® Coach, Valerie Whetstone is a leader in empowerment and transformation. She is gifted in authenticity, especially after going through a life transformation herself. She creates a safe space for everyone to feel at ease, to be heard, as well as, validated. She shows up fully engaged which allows her clients to do the same. Valerie is an expert in energy medicine and has many quick hacks to reduce anxiety and stress. Just after one session you will feel more calm and centered.

Valerie is an inspiration to all that crosses her path for she is truly a beam of positive light.  Her clients say, "After spending time with Valerie you will feel a warmth of beautiful energy and be on top of the moon. She leaves you feeling whole, vibrant and free...like anything is possible in life".  After hearing her story, she proves we are all capable of overcoming any obstacles in our life. "The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new."-Socrates.

Valerie was faced with devastating news, not being able to walk or talk and dealing with chronic debilitating pain, she was literally watching her life pass by. Valerie had a choice to stay with the status quo or rebuild her life. Valerie chose to live fully and she founded Doorway To Transformation, to be a beacon of light in a dark world. She helps others to connect with their higher self so they can live a life they love living.

Valerie Whetstone has dedicated her life to understanding success and transformation principles. Valerie guides people to breakthrough their limiting beliefs, gain clarity in their life, get accelerated results, and magnify confidence to achieve their next level of success. Valerie’s coaching programs are truly life changing! These programs are based on transformational principles that have been time-tested for 30 years and proven to help tens of thousands of people live the life they deserve!